I borrowed some simple DAC […] nothing special, plays an ordinary sound but when I plugged your module it become much more cultural, better balanced and immediately its more breath and space around. I was surprised. After connecting my made USB cable and battery sound become even more organic, midrange was terrific and its even more space and depth […]

– Jakub Z. (Poland) @ 28-July-12

  The package arrived safe. Working with no faults for 4 days now with: Buffalo III, TPA Placid HD supply with 5V, 600mA. I2S non isolated to TPA Sidecar, Foobar 2000, EeePC, Windows 7. All predicted audio resolutions working, no stops heard. Great sound. I thank you very much as my real purpose was to hear music. Best regards, and thanks again for this wonderful product.

– Luis B. (Portugal) @ 7-Aug-12

  Hi Lucian, I just received the board today and what a fantastic quality it is! Nevermind the sound quality since I’m still a long way from figuring out how to work this thing, but just looking at the board makes me feel something. Beauty? It is indeed a work of art. The most beautifully built board I have ever seen. Thank you!

– PreSapian (Diyaudio) @ 11-Aug-12

  I got the board in excelent condition[…] Yesterday evening I put it in the DAC and it works perfectly! So, my configuration is quiet simple: the WaveIO runs in I2S a cluster of 12 TDA1543 which drive directly the grids of my old preamp (srpp o 6DJ8). All is supplied by 12V battery (and after via a strong and well filtered 5V regulator for the WaveIO) which are charged when needed. It sounds so nice even I don’t have listening enough to catch all the qualities of the board and the DAC. Anyway, it begins under a very good star (I don’t know if it’s understandable in english as in french…) So, Lucian, thank you very much for all, for the quality of your work and for your kindness.

– Jerome (France) @ 5-Sept-12

  Hi Lucian, I received your card and I´m impressed from build and much more from sound quality.I compared it via SPDIF output of my MAC running Puremusic feeding a 1794 DAC with mills WW as I-V conversion amplified with a Allen Wright rtp3 and actual Poweramps ala Alens 300b amp but with E84l in triode mode driving my Altec 605B with professional x-over. Much faster detailed open relaxed and aggressive when the music requests this and more rhythm and room information. I expect more improvement from I2S connection and from external power supply. Thanks a lot for this product and your work.

– vtr (Diyaudio) @ 7-Sept-12

  Hi Lucian, I have been using your card first without external PS and already liked it a lot, but powering it externally reveals the quality of your card even more. I don’t think I have ever heard any digital source sounding that – non-digital. Great products and support – thank you very much!

– Dubai2000 (Diyaudio) @ 8-Sept-12

  Hello Lucian, the parcel arrived and your WaveIO is already running nicely with my equipment. I am really surprised how much better the sound is now. Good work! Greetings and thanks a lot!

– Jürgen P. (Germany) @ 21-Sept-12

  Hi Lucian,
I just finished a simple diy DAC with USB input to SPDIF converter last week. The DAC is based on AK4396 and the USB converter is based on TE7022. I’ve got both as fully assembled kit from Ebay[…] When I heard the setup the first time, right away I noticed that everything was not right. In fact I dare to say it sounded bad. Very bad actually. High, mid (i.e. vocals) and low were just all over the place. No resolution, no soundstage, and I just had to switch it off and used the motherboard soundcard temporarily. Then I thought maybe it was just one of those days where I wasn’t really in the mood. Or perhaps the components were not burn in yet. But after a couple of days of listening, I came to the same conclusion. I wasn’t happy at all. I almost gave up and thought maybe it’s just better buy a complete DAC and be done with it. Then I received you WaveIO module a couple days ago. I didn’t have time to try it out right away until this afternoon. I replaced the TE7022 with your WaveIO and connect to the same DAC through isolated spdif port. Wow…. I was very surprised. The difference is like day and night. Everything was sounded just right. Not the best sound that I want to achieve yet (i.e. refer to the DAC module), but it is definitely very promising now. The XMOS module cast away my doubt about going forward with this DIY journey. I don’t think I have to explain it further, but it is definitely a very good experience for me. Thanks Lucian for your fabulous module. I’m looking forward to your next creation. Cheers from the Great White North.

– Tagheuer (Diyaudio) @ 29-Sept-12

  Hi Lorien, the WaveIO arrived late yesterday (Friday) thanks but I did not have time until this morning to set it up – which took under an hour including adding an RCA socket & downloading/installing drivers for Win7. I am using its isolated S/PDIF output until DEQX sort out the firmware for I2S input – and your daughter board arrives! I am also using an AQVOX power supply which I bought some time ago for my Hiface that cuts the normal USB PS & inserts its own regulated analog +5V. It sounds excellent – very natural & unforced but very dynamic on my DEQX-active Tikandi loudspeakers – and significantly better than anything else I have tried: Hiface, Halide, Audiophillio etc. Even listened to Handel’s Messiah while watching the Aussie Rules Grand Final. So many thanks for a great product! Cheers, Rod

– Ozlegend. (Diyaudio) @ 29-Sept-12

  Hi all, I just got the WaveIO up and running… I had been using the QA550 SD card reader. Feeding Monica isolated I2S from WaveIO. Sound is terrific. Listening mostly to 44.1/16 bit and it is very good. Better than SD card reader, easier to use, and plays Hi-Res files.

– Kevin K. (USA) @ 9-Dec-12

  Hi Lucian, I still don’t have parts to make my power supply for the board, so I decided to run in only with USB power and SPDIF. And to be honest my first listening experience was like: Wow… Is such a great sound possible? Really sound is amazing! Nice to hear such a low frequency finally, everything sounds spatially. I really can’t wait to make my own power supply and improve it even more! Thanks for Your amazing board and awesome support, You are best! Please mail me when You will finish second board! 😉
  Best regards, Damian

– Damian N. (Poland) @ 18-March-13

  Hi Lucian, the WaveIO board arrives on 9th April. It is a nice piece of art, congratulation for your clean work! Today I got the time to connect it and to listen to it. What I can say is: wow, as clean as your work is the sound coming from the board. I did some changes to the software values and find out, that it is very essential to set the right latency. Too much or too little latency let the good sound performance go down. Did you do the same experience? All in all I am very impressed and very happy! Thanks Lucian

– Rainer W. (Germany) @ 11-Apr-13

  Hello, just wanted to inform you that I received WaveIO in perfect condition, installed and listened to it. It sounds amazing even with my DAC in its current “test bench” state. Powered with 7805 with dedicated trafo for now and connected via isolated I2S (isolator powered from DAC’s 5V). Unlike some other similar devices there’s no sign of problems with detection if turned on after USB is connected. I was also happy to see new clocks on this board! The sound is amazingly clean, deep, bassy and dark – the way I like it. It’s amazing how clean it sounds, now I can listen at almost any volume and only worry about neighbors because of bass. It will surely be my #1 digital signal source with current (4397 based) and next (probably Buffalo III) DACs. Thank you for making it!

– Alexander T. (Ukraine) @ 21-December-13

  Dear Lucian,
It has already been a month since I’ve received your WaveIO board in a well packed box just before Christmas :). But I wanted to wait a bit and get a good listen to it before expressing my thanks.
  I’m really impressed by the board quality and soldering work. Excellent work. At first I was a bit underwhelmed by the sound of the WaveIO as I didn’t notice any improvement over my other SPDIF sources. After reading such promising reviews I expected to notice a definite and positive change right from the start. I’ve used an Asus Xonar D2X, a Roland Quad Capture USB soundcard and a Emu1616m external soundcard. From those 3, the Emu1616m always has sounded best. Giving a much sharper sound image and more depth to the sound, resulting in a more involving music experience. The only downside was that it also sounded more aggressive than the Asus or Roland soundcard. Hence my reason why I’ve started searching for another SPDIF source and by luck found your website showing the WaveIO.
  So you can probably imagine it was a bit of a let down when I started listening, only to discover it sounded the same as the Asus or Roland card. Instead of doing intensive ABX testing I decided to keep the board plugged in and continued listening to music in the background while working. For some weeks I haven’t payed real attention to it, just enjoyed whatever music came out of it. But to my surprise, I noticed that more and more I would focus on some part of the music because it really sounded different. It’s hard to describe but I would say it sounds more organic/analog, there is particular smoothness in the sound I haven’t heard before. I guess some would say ‘fluid sounding’. This change came a bit as a shock to me, as I absolutely do not believe in a ‘breakin’ period for electronics. Any change would mean a change in the chemical properties of the parts, which for all I know don’t change that much over the years (except for electrolytic capacitors, which dry out). I do know operating temperature can have an effect on a device, but that would have been noticeable after some hours. As a pro amateur loudspeaker designer I know how powerful the placebo effect can be or how poor the memory of a human is when needing to recall sound. So for a true comparison, ABX testing is still on the to do list. But no matter how the outcome, I’m very pleased with the board. The drivers work excellent, build quality is excellent and sound is excellent. Big thumbs up!

– Chris T. (Netherlands) @ 11-January-14

  Hi Lucian, your WaveIO-Board has found a new home and plays music as delicious as I never expected. I constructed a low noise power supply with two regulator stages so the WaveIO board gets the best food available 🙂 I’m moderator of Germans finest forum for audiophiles (www.aktives-hoeren.de), where we discussing everything related to Hi-End Hifi. My nick name is Fujak. If you are interested in my new DDC based on your WaveIO board, please have a look here, where I posted my report yesterday (12-Apr-14). Kind regards and thank you very much for your great work! Fujak

– Fujak (Germany) @ 12-April-14

  After I got my WaveIO card more than a year ago I recently breadboarded my Subbu ES9023 DAC with a JG Filter Buffer and their respective power supplies. Before I switched it on I installed the latest drivers on the Thinkpad netbook I am using as transport… et voilà… music from the first second.
  And what a sweet music it is!! Compared to my previous setup that used a Hiface EVO converter with a battery supply this is a huge improvement … in terms of detail, sweetness of treble and an almost holographic presentation! Bravo Lorien!

– Stixx (DIYaudio) @ 7-July-14

   Hi All,
I’ve been using Lucian’s WaveIO now for a number of years and whist I’ve tried other cards I still keep coming back to my trusty Wave board. Just love its rich ‘’analogue’’ sound.
  Time flies when you are having fun and my DAC has changed to a Buffalo3/Legato. After reading the tweak of removing U11 I did get to the stage of lifting the lid with small screwdriver in hand but just could not butcher my old friend that way. So I decided that it may be time to buy another. I asked Lucian if he could supply the new board without U11 fitted which he did and also sent me a new pre-programmed EEPROM memory chip to allow the old board to be upgraded. One thing that truly impressed me was that he remembered who I was after all of the time that has passed. Mr Memory. The new board is up to the usual immaculate soldering and cleanliness. Ok I’ve had the chance to compare the boards back to back with interesting results. The new board definitely sounds more open.spacious and 3D in its presentation. It sounds fresher and more real to my ears and in my set up. Quite a nice step forward IMHO and one hard not to notice. 😀
Thanks again for the nice board Lucian.

– Shoom (DIYaudio) @ 27-November-14