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What's all this about?

Shortly said, it's a Black Friday offer with a discount of 30% to the best WaveIO card we can source - the one with NZ2520SDA oscillators from japanese manufacturer NDK! If you think that's not enough, in addition to your WaveIO you'll get four U.FL. coaxial cables for non-isolated I2S connections and one ribbon cable with 10-way IDC sockets to both ends for isolated I2S output - all free of charge! As always, we preserve the same build quality put in assembling our WaveIO cards but we ask something in return from you to make things run as smoothly as possible (please see below).

Are there any drawbacks?

Sadly, yes! For your information, all WaveIO cards are manually assembled, tested and cleaned. To put it simple, there's no automatic process involved in manufacturing this product so we need quite a lot of time to carry on with all this assembly process, from start to finish. That's the main reason why we decided to limit the quantity of discounted WaveIO boards to 20 pieces. Continuing with troubles, there's the never ending Covid19 pandemic, backed up by latest 'joy' of all: the semiconductor crisis. And to keep things 'in order', Christmas Holidays are upon us so postal services will be overwhelmed with parcels. This is the 'perfect' time when goods get lost or even thrown away - as it occasionally happened before.

Still, how can we make it possible?

There are few considerations to take into account:

  • First of all we decided to start dispatching WaveIO cards beginning with first half of January, 2022. All the boards will be shipped with Registered Postal Service providing a tracking number for your WaveIO board(s). You'll be updated in case there are any delays or other unforeseen problems related to your order!
  • Due to small quantity available, there's a limit of two WaveIO boards per order.
  • Payment will be made on 26th November using only Paypal services.
  • We know that one single day may be not enough in some cases that's why we're making a preorder list. It's better to have more time at disposal than one single day.

To be or not to be involved?

Well, in fact, the answer to this question is quite easy to find! If you agree with all the therms listed above and you're not pressed by time or can afford a couple of weeks to wait to have the best WaveIO we can offer at a lower price then please feel free to use the contact form and drop us a message so we can place your name in that preorder list!

Thank you for your time and stay safe!